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Petie is a senior dog and was very sick, wouldn't eat anymore. (for over a week) It was determined that he had a bleeding ulcer. Cause: unknown. Needless to say, it took days of syringe feeding him his medications and baby food to get him some nutrition before he would even attempt eating on his own. Even then, he would only eat about a teaspoon of food at a time, thus having to feed him multiple times a day. Once he started to eat a little more, I tried Freshpet and cut it up very small giving him a little each time several times a day. Needless to say he is eating well now and absolutely LOVES Freshpet! He's very spoiled and will only be getting Freshpet from now on. I feel confident he is getting better nutrition and ingredients that he needs as a senior dog. I only wish there were more stores that carried Freshpet. We are from a small town - so our local grocery store has run out of some of the Freshpet recipes that Petie likes. The next closest store is quite a ways away and not convenient to get to. Thank you Freshpet - Petie eats like a king now and will for the rest of his days!