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Tracey B's

Ava Marie absolutely loves Freshpet! Ava was found in our old barn. She was only 7-10 days old and in very poor shape. She was bottle fed and received veterinary care. Now, Ava is a beautiful, healthy cat. We live in a rural area and the nearest places to buy Freshpet are over an hour and a half away. For a short time, I switched Ava’s diet to dry food just out of convenience. She got fat! She was never overweight when she was strictly on Freshpet. We have a new kitten now and I’ve recently been purchasing Freshpet again for both cats. Ava’s excess weight is slowly coming off and the kitten is thriving. Thor was also sickly and in poor health when he was found on our deck! I wish Freshpet could be delivered to our rural farmhouse. Don’t ever stop offering these products! Thank you!