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Pumpkin’s Story

Hello. Our sweet dog, Pumpkin, has literally had her life saved thanks to Freshpet. Pumpkin is going to be 17 years old this July. Aside from being very advanced in age, Pumpkin is also in renal failure. She has had Kidney issues on and off most of her life but we learned a few months ago that her kidneys are barely functioning. Her veterinarian wanted us to put her on a kidney diet. We tried a few different foods which all made her sick. We ultimately decided to just let Pumpkin be happy and keep eating the store bought foods she’s always eaten. Well after a few weeks of picking on that she just began not eating any of the food she was used to. Pumpkin began dropping tremendous amounts of weight and we feared she was going to starve to death. The day I planned on calling our vet’s office to bring her in, my husband suggested we try Freshpet. I figured we have to try anything at this point. We purchased a roll of the chicken and veggies, went home and fed it to Pumpkin and guess what? She ate the entire plate plus a 2nd one!!!! I’m so happy to say Pumpkin has now been eating your food for over a month. She’s eating twice a day, everyday and when we saw her veterinarian for a well check 3 days ago, they gave us the green light to keep feeding Pumpkin Freshpet as long as she’s happy eating it! So, thank you so much for this food. Our old lady adores it and we couldn’t be happier that our old baby has some life back in her! Sincerely, The Yousuf Family

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