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Candy A's

I want to thank you for saving 2 dogs lives. I have 2 Yorkies. The female, age 8, Candy, has lots of health problems. She has chronic pancreatitis, enlarged liver. At age 8 she began peeing all over the house. I was advised to give her Hills Science Diet ID. She was lethargic and I thought I would have to put her down. When I saw the ingredients on the Science Diet ID, I told my vet I didn't want to give her that junk and he still insisted this is what she had to have. She began to have more and more acute pancreatitis attacks. I saw your ad and thought I had nothing to lose - and now feed her the Freshpet Chicken with Rice. And in days she was a new dog - no more peeing in the house, lots of energy and feeling great. My other dog is a male, age 8, Casey and has had a lifetime of being a extremely fussy eater. I bet I tried every type kibble there is. Then I began to put wet food on top and he threw up. Then I home cooked chicken breasts and put on top. He was getting thinner and thinner and finally I tried to sit on the floor and hand feed him - when that didn't work, I fed him treats to get him to eat something. Then when I got Freshpet he gobbled it down right away. The next meal, he danced in circles around and around and jumped up and down till I put the plate down. Finally! No feeding problems. Thank you so much. You saved 2 dogs lives. I am a older widow and these dogs mean the world to me. I can't thank you enough. Karen M.