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Lucy’s Story

Dear Freshpet, Thank you! Within a day Lucy was a different dog - wanting to go outside without me, scoping the far corners of the yard, trying to stir up the neighborhood dog-barking "party line" - all things she used to do. After the first serving of Freshpet she just stared at me saying, "I love you! That was great! You've made me so happy! Please get more!" Don't worry Lucy, I'll get more. I can't tell you how much dog food I've thrown out, uneaten, nor how many chickens I've cooked as a treat, trying to find something to make Lucy healthy and happy. No food has ever made her look at me the way Freshpet did! About six years ago, Lucy was a homeless stray who dug her way under our fence to claim her home. A scrawny, scared little thing, we named her after my grandmothers named Lucy, pioneer women settling North Carolina. This little dog showed the same tenacity they did to survive in much rougher times, so she needed a name to match her strength. Lucy has flourished into a loving, fun, bright angel I simply could not live without. I will do anything to make her happy. And wherever we go, everyone loves Lucy! On our daily walks, she has a neighborhood fan club, each person's day brightened when they get a few minutes with Lucy. But there are tough times, too. Since my husband, Don, and Caroline, our black Lab, passed away not yet three years ago, we've both had a really rough time. Lucy has been a driving force to help me carry on, even though I know she is sad, too. Without Lucy, I could not have done this. She has to spend a lot of time alone while I'm at work. But in just the last week of Freshpet - with her brightened demeanor evident - rather than retreating to the bedroom in sulking sadness to curl up with her "babies," she has looked up at me as I prepared to leave with new eyes that say, "I'll be okay. I'll miss you, but I'll be okay." I never write letters about products but this one couldn't go unwritten. In many ways I see the change in Lucy, from just one week of Freshpet. With tears streaming, I say thank you for making her so happy. With gratitude, Ada

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