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Letter #3446

Dear Freshpet, Our female pug who is 7 years old had to get major dental work done at the beginning of the year. Afterwards she was left with only 6 teeth, 4 being her molars for chewing. We tried the canned wet food, but the ingredients were too much. They upset her stomach and made her feel even worse. As our last resort we found the Freshpet bags at our local pet store. As soon as she saw that in the bowl her tail was wagging and she was finally excited to eat. Her stomach has never been better, the diarrhea, acid reflux and stomach gurgles went away overnight. She is spunky and full of life and energy, and loves her dinnertime! Freshpet is honestly one of the greatest things we have found for her and us. It’s affordable, healthy, real food without additives and unnecessary ingredients. I also found it at my local grocery store as well which makes things even more convenient! Because of you she can eat easily and looks forward to her meals, instead of frustrated and upset with hard to eat dry food, or wet food that upsets her tummy. Thank you Freshpet!!

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