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At the age of 13, my Siamese cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. She was severely underweight because of it, and I was desperate to find a good food that she would eat readily. I bought a roll of the Vital chicken and beef paté roll after having tried every kibble and wet food I could find in my area. I didn't think she would eat it because I had tried to Vital chicken and whitefish "kibble" before and she wouldn't touch it. Imagine my surprise when my cat devoured the pieces of the paté roll I'd given her! It became the one food she'd absolutely go crazy for and would actually beg for (she'd run to the fridge any time she heard it open after learning that's where her good food came from). She gained over a pound in a short amount of time, but sadly, one year later, her health began to decline and her weight began to drop again. As her appetite began to wane, she began to only eat the Vital paté roll instead of eating it along with a dry kibble I'd discovered she liked. The last few days of her life, my Sassy would only eat her FreshPet paté roll. I attribute that extra year I had with her after her first round of health issues to Freshpet. I'd struggled so much to find a food she'd eat - a food that was good for her and would help her gain the weight she needed. I know this isn't one of those stories that's a "happy" one normally seen on your site or in your commercials, but I just had to share my story of how Freshpet did momentarily change my senior cat's life for the better for a short while.