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Chopper’s Story

A couple months after Chopper turned 14, he became sick from his kibble. We tried topping it for a few days with some soft food, or fish however, he still wasn’t keeping it down. After a few days of trying homemade boiled chicken & rice, he seemed to lose interest in that too. We decided to buy and try Freshpet. He is doing so well on the food! Keeping it down and he must love the flavor because he hasn’t lost interest in it yet. I’m thankful because I know he is getting the nutrition and nutrients his body needs to recover from being sick. We are starting to see some of his old pupper ways returning and I couldn’t be more grateful for you giving him some energy back! Thank you so very much & you definitely have a returning customer! 💜

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Letter #1664
“Freshpet is a wonderful product. Whether you realize it or not, you guys have a great product that is good for any age cat. My cats absolutely love their new Freshpet Cat Roasted Meal food!”
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Jackson & Chloe’s Story
“My two Chihuahua puppies absolutely HATE to get their nails trimmed, but THANKS TO FRESHPET Puppy Food, we are able to get the job done now with very little or no fuss! We cut it up into small squares and use it (…)”
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Letter #1025
“My four dogs love Freshpet.”
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Daisy’s Story
“Our 8-month-old Blue Heeler, Daisy, was diagnosed with an uncommon and serious condition — Addison’s Disease. She nearly died and came back from the pet hospital pounds lighter. It was heartbreaking to see a young, healthy pup decline so quickly (a week’s (…)”
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Letter #1400
“My dog with epilepsy is doing great on Freshpet!”
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Jim’s Story
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