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Chaching’s Story

Dear Freshpet, I want to tell you how Freshpet has definitely saved my best friend and companion - an 18 year old dog named Chaching’s life! Every time I watch the commercials about how Freshpet has changed another pets life I am compelled to tell you my story or shall I say our story so today I’ve decided to do so... This past September my 18-year-old Pekingese named Chaching suddenly became gravely ill. After not being able to release his urine or his bowels for at least three days, I rushed him into a veterinarian. He was in quite a lot of pain! Given he is the ripe old age of 18 years he was probably too old to go under any type of operation if needed, or it would have involved extremely expensive testing to see what was actually wrong - when an operation would not happen anyway because of his age. The Vet gave him some antibiotics, do to a swollen/impacted anal gland. Then I took him home and tried to make him comfortable, but for the next three days he still would not eat. I tried everything from sautéed chicken breast, scrambled eggs to chopped beef but he turned his nose up to everything when he was usually the dog who as soon as you open the refrigerator door he was already in the kitchen! All he would do was drink and was also still not able to release his bladder! I was afraid his bladder would explode when I read about what could happen to him, so I made a heart wrenching decision. I could not stand to see him in this much pain and suffering - he didn’t deserve that. He was always by my side when I went through a very painful divorce and soon after that the loss of two of my siblings. During that time my dog Chaching never left my side and always knew when I was sad - and I needed him by my side-so at one point he was in so much pain I consulted with my ex husband to help me make the painful decision to put him down. He was like call the vet it’s time Susan, after all he’s 18 years old now. I said ok but let’s try and give him just one more day. Later on that day I happen to see a commercial on Freshpet, and something told me to give it a try. So I ran out and brought it home for Chaching to try it. I could not believe my eyes - he ate the whole thing - the entire dish! The next morning he appeared to be much better and his appetite improved as well. The only problem is he became inconsistent for a while, but now he has much improvement on that as well to me it’s like a miracle. I contribute much of his health improvement to your product, Freshpet. I and my loyal dog and companion of 18 years thanks you from the bottom of our hearts Now when I open the refrigerator door Chaching’s again rushing in to eat his Freshpet food. Sincerely yours, Freshpet fan forever... Susan and Chaching

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