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Gizmo, B's

Dear Freshpet, My name is Monika and I have 4 Yorkies. One is mine and three are my mother in laws. Bubba who is 9, Gizmo who is 8 and Jack & Gunner who are 5 (Gizmos sons). This story is about Gizmo. My mother in law found him and a girl who was living in a cage and was only used for breeding. Due to all of that, Gizmo's teeth are really bad and we don’t have the $500 to pay to get his teeth pulled. That’s when we found Freshpet and we got it to try it and Gizmo loves it a lot.. I feed him twice a day and he has put on weight and is not fat but at a good weight.. Thank you so much for making this dog food. Gizmo and I are happy with the food. We will always use Freshpet now. - Monika S.