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This past summer, our 19 year old dog Windy became ill. She didn't eat for 4 to 5 days and we thought that this was it, she was going to die. She was very weak and getting worse each day. We cooked chicken and rice and fed her that for a couple days and she was able to keep some down. I went to my local grocery store and started searching for a food I thought she would be able to hold down and that was when I purchased Freshpet Grain Free Chicken Recipe with Garden Vegetables. I was amazed when I put it in her bowl and she ate it so fast. That was in July 2018 and to this day we are feeding her the food. She can't wait to eat now and runs around like a puppy each morning as I'm trying to put the food in her bowl. That is the only time she moves that quickly. Most of her time is spent sleeping. She is now 20 and still eating Freshpet every day. I believe she wouldn't be around right now if I hadn't found Freshpet.