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Lola’s Story

Lola was a grown dog who had given up on life when I rescued her from a shelter in 2007. She quickly adapted to her new life and was full of spunk. Over the past year she had started to show her age - she was having trouble getting on the bed, and just looked tired. The vet said her liver enzymes were elevated and suggested I get a $300 ultrasound (which would require her to be sedated). Being a senior girl, I was hesitant for her to be sedated. I opted to change her diet instead, and that is how Freshpet Vital changed our lives. She has completely gone back to her youthful, spunky ways. She is very vocal at mealtimes and her energy level is better than it has been in years. I am now planning to switch my other 3 dogs to Vital as well. I cannot say enough positive things about this food, and I am extremely grateful. Thank you!

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“Keep up the great work! My dog loves this. She was the most pickiest dog. ”
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“Thank you for making a quality product that is convenient and good for my dog. My picky French Bulldog loves your chicken roll. ”
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“My cat is a picky eater normally. She LOVED it. ”
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