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Mowgli Bear Galvan’s Story

Hello, Mowgli is a half Frenchie and half American Bulldog breed. He was a rescue baby at only 5 weeks old. Since the day that Mowlgi has come into my life he has brought nothing but joy, happiness, and a whole lot of expenses haha! Within the first week of having him I noticed he had mites on his little paws, and to make matters worse he started having seizures. After running tests, and endless visits to the vet for about 9 months we (his vet and I) finally figured out that he's super sensitive and allergic to almost everything in life. He was getting hives at all times, I switched his food countless times, and he ended up on steroid shots to help him with his allergies. Being a holistic person, and not wanting him on Benadryl and steroid shots at all times, I started looking into alternatives. One day while grocery shopping at Nugget Market in West Sacramento, CA I stumbled upon a Freshpet area, and started reading the ingredients on the food. Not only were the ingredients AMAZING, but I was more-so impressed with the price. I was nearly cutting my cost by buying him freshpet. So, I took a risk and gave the Stews and the Grain Free Tender Chicken w/Garden Vegetables to Mowgli. Not, only did he love it, but as a concerned mom I was looking at his health. It has been over a year since Mowgli has broken out in hives, and his skin is nice and Shiny. I cannot thank you enough for having these products available to my baby and my wallet! haha I will forever be thankful for your company because not only are you providing great products, but these are products with no fillers or contain what I call "fake" ingredients. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!!!!

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