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Murph’s Story

Dear Freshpet, We have a yellow lab, Murph, who will soon be 16 years old. I discovered Freshpet through my friend Mary Ann and her pup Rudy a couple of years ago. Murph had lost interest in his dry dog food and his health was beginning to fail. I started feeding him Freshpet, and after a few weeks, his energy was back to normal. His legs were stronger and he became our playful pup once again. Last week Murph wandered off and managed to fall into a hole, and was wedged under a rock in a position he couldn’t crawl out of. I heard his cries for help and feared he had been hit be a car. I found him in the hole, and as soon as he saw me, he calmed down and knew everything would be okay. I ran back inside to call my husband at work, and grabbed some of his Freshpet, the one thing I knew would make Murph happy, even stuck down in the hole and waiting for help. He devoured it as always, and we sat together and waited. Thank you for this wonderful food, and the extra years we’ve had to enjoy our beautiful boy. Jill & Murph

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