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Hi there, my name is Charlotte and this is Sam's story. Sam was born 22 November 2005, his mom, Jasmine was Born the 14 of June 2004. They had been eating Iams their entire lives. About six months ago I was told that they should be eating grain free food, so I kind of did some research and chose what I thought would be the best food for them. In the meantime I also acquired a rescue Schnauzer, Gretchen Well, come to find out it wasn't. Sam began having convulsions, Jasmine had her organs shut down, and I had to let her go, and three weeks later, Gretchen also had organs shut down and she died. Through all of this we realized it was the food causing these issues. Sam, after loosing his mom, and Gretchen he realized that they were gone and he was alone. He wouldn't eat any dog food, and I tried canned, dry, just anything. He lost so much weight I worried for his health. I resorted to giving him Tacos because he would eat those. Then one day, I saw your display at a local market. This is such a God send for me and Sam. He has his will to live back, I am so grateful and I wanted to thank you for making a good quality food that is safe for my little guy. Thank you so very much,, Charlotte Ann Frew