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ANGEL’s Story

The story of Angel! He had a wonderful life of 8 years until his senior "parent" died. He was than placed in a kill shelter. Family members decided to adopt him before his death. He than became neglected and starved. He was too much work for the family! He returned to the kill shelter. He was than adopted by a nice adoption group. When I adopted him on December 15,2017, he had sores, rotten teeth, a bad cough, a bad back leg and I could count his ribs, and see his backbone! I took him to my vet right away! I tried many foods for him to eat! He was afraid of the glass bowl and refused to eat! Finally I bought your food! He has put a lot of weight on, and now looks forward to eating! I do feed him one morsel at a time (takes 30 minutes to feed), but due to your dog food he is now happy, and very healthy! THANK YOU FRESHPET from another loving new pet "parent" of another senior dog! Greta

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Missy’s Story
“Missy loves your Dog Joy turkey bacon treats, only draw back was a few months ago it was hit and miss finding them in our local Von's Market.....That has since been greatly improved, the closes to being out of product was when (…)”
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“Our dogs love Freshpet Select beef roll.”
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“My dogs love your Freshpet Small Breed Chicken, and the Freshpet Beef and Bison roll. After giving them freeze dried raw a few years and running out one day, I decided to give it a try. I've never seen them enjoy food (…)”
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Bella’s Story
“Hello from Bella's mom & nana! We have been giving Bella your chicken roll and bacon treats for about 6 months now and she just loves it! We can not say enough about your food - we tell everyone! Thank you so (…)”
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