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Gizmo’s Story

My name is Gizmo. My humans rescued me but they didn't know how to feed me properly. They tried all kinds of canned food, then they tried all the different dried food. I was happy because after 2 or 3 days, they gave the food to my friends at the shelter because I would no eat it. To keep me alive, they gave me food that they made for me themselves and I would eat a little bit but not much. I went from 15 lb to 12lb and they really got worried. The vet told them I would eat when I was hungry enough but they stopped believing him. One day, my human saw your Freshpet food and thought maybe she should try that. I heard my humans talking about how it was a little more expensive but they bought a small roll and brought it home. I have eaten every bowl they have given me for more than 3 months now and I get so excited when I see them cutting it up in the kitchen!! Thank you Freshpet, I don't get hungry and cry any more and I have started to play with my humans again. Life is sweet when you can eat Freshpet!! Love from Giz

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