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Appa’s Story

Dear Freshpet, My dog, Appa is the pickiest eater I've ever met! Since the day I brought him home he has shown virtually no interest in any food I offered him (unless it was off my plate). I went through countless dry foods, wet foods, and even combinations of the two! I became so nervous he wasn't eating enough or getting all of the nutrients he needed; that I took to making him food at home. Even with this, I was still unsure he was getting what he needed even if he was finally eating something! One day I was strolling through the pet store looking for new things to spoil my pup with when I stumbled upon Freshpet in its own refrigerated section.. Right from the start I knew that the ingredients had to be great if it had to be refrigerated and not from a can like the other dog foods. Once I read the ingredients I knew I had finally found what Appa needed. The reassurance of being able to buy a food from a store that looked like something I would make myself felt like nothing small of a miracle! Now Appa eagerly empties every bowl of Freshpet and I get the peace of mind that he is finally eating a balanced meal! Thank you for all of the comfort you've given me!

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