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Evie’s Story

Hello there. We started our Evie out on Fresh Pet grain free chicken a few months ago. Evie is a 3 1/2 toy poodle. She has had bad teeth since I rescued her 7 years ago, She was found roaming the streets of a not so great city. Which I will not name. Through these years she has always been a nibbler, even though I thought I was buying decent grainfree kibble. She almost always left food in her bowl. After her last dental, she had no teeth left. as she was having to have dentals/teeth removed every time. Her mouth was not good. So I am saving her from more anesthia which is not good. Well since that first day of eating FRESH PET. everyday, every meal has been divoured. Nothing left in her bowl. I feel good that she is full and content. She seems to be her happiest now. Thank you Fresh Pet. Love Evie, and mom June

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