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Tucker A's

Over two years ago we were franticly having difficulties keeping Tucker's blood sugar regulated and knew we had to change what we were feeding him. We started out making our own food and found it very time consuming so we started reading labels and didn't like what we saw in a lot of the dry foods. Then we remembered seeing the refrigerator for Freshpet! Well that was an answered prayer! Both Tucker and Peanut lost weight and maintained it. Peanut had greasy hair and we noticed she wasn't loosing her hair anymore and she smelled good. Both had energy to spare and no more issues with eliminations either.. Thanks Freshpet for the best two years of Tucker's life, he passed a few months ago from other issues. Peanut is doing very well and will be 15 years old in a few months, she still loves her Freshpet! Sincerely, Bill and Susan Whitmore