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Zoie is my baby. She is about 13 years old now. I got her about 6 months after I had a massive stroke so you can see how precious she is to me. She has been my lifeline, best friend and therapist over the last 13 years. She has always been a fussy eater. It has gotten worse as she has gotten older, for one a few years back her teeth got bad so I had to have eleven of them pulled. I switched her to a softer food but she was still fussy and she was also gaining weight. Now here I go again, two weeks ago my baby had to have six more teeth pulled. That's a total of 17 she has had pulled the poor thing. Well I kept seeing the add on tv for the fresh pet so I decided to google it and research it. Then I went and bought a tube. OMG...she loves the stuff. She goes crazy at diner time when I open the fridge and pull it out. I have noticed in this short time she is starting to get more energy again which in turn will result in the weight loss.. I just want to thank you so much for offering this great healthy food for our fur baby's. There's nothing I want more then a healthy pet a few more precious years with her.. Thank you so much again, Yvonne and Zoie