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Charlestyn’s Story

I took Charlestyn for her yearly checkup and her vet said that she was overweight and for her small size it was not healthy for her joints. Charlestyn weighted 12.8 pounds. Doctor K said that Charlestyn had to loose half a pound in one month. She asked me what I was feeding her and I told her that she was eating dry food. Doctor K said that dry food has a lot of carbs which wakes dogs gain weight. I thought I was feeding her the best food after doing research and reading reviews. Doctor K said that I should feed Charlestyn Freshpet. She said that is what she feeds her dogs. So I donated the new bag of dry food and bought freshpet. Charlestyn loved it. In one week she lost the half pound she needed t loose. In 2 months she lost an additional pound. She is slim and trim and now I don't have to worry about her joints. I only want the best for my little girl and I found it in freshpet. I highly recommend this food and I am so glad Doctor K recommended it to me.

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