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This is a picture of my very sweet 9 year old foster dog who we call "Baby", which was taken on the day we picked her up as an emergency rescue. She was a neglect case and was surrendered by her owner to animal control. She was extremely scared, very skinny, and just absolutely afraid of everything. We put her in our car and drove her to our home. Over the next few days, we found out she was 10 pounds underweight, had hook worms and had to have 23 teeth removed. She could barely eat anything nor did she want to eat probably due to the pain in her mouth. The one food that we found she could eat was Fresh Pet and she just loved it. Fast forward to a few weeks later and she is still eating Fresh Pet and she is gaining weight and coming out of her shell. It was very easy to fall in love with Baby and over the past couple of months we have tried to spoil her and give her lots of well deserved love and care and she has become a part of our family.