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Sage’s Story

My name is Brittany, and when I was 13 years old I was given the most beautiful gift which was my dog Sage. Sage has always been by my side, through good times, and in bad. There's been many times where I would come home crying and I knew Sage would be by my side and be my comfort. As I've gotten older and moved for university, I always call my mom morning and night to ask how Sage is. Recently, we found out Sage was diagnosed with cancer. It was the most horrible thing I have gone through and I can only imagine how it's affecting her. After doing tons of research we discovered that all the food choices we made for her were not as healthy as we thought. I was going through the grocery store the one day and came across the little fridge in the pet aisle with Fresh Pet foods. Not only do I feel better about the foods I'm giving Sage, but I also see a better change in her. I'm so thankful to find healthy food that I can afford and that helps my dog live a healthier and happier life.

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Letter #1246
“I saw your Freshpet cooler in the new Mariano's store in Palatine, IL and decided to purchase some cat food for my 3 cats. I used to make my own food for them as the smell of regular canned food was (…)”
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Letter #1078
“Freshpet is the first food my fussy dog has never picked through. I'm amazed.”
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Shelly’s Story
“My dog Shelly loves this food and practically saved her life! Being very picky from the beginning I fed her people food rather than dog food. Becoming ill with a kidney disease the vet was concerned with the type of food she (…)”
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Letter #1886
“This is the best dogfood ever! My 13year old Yorkipoo is extremely fussy . I wasted hundreds of dollars thru the years on food she ate once and refused to eat again. Now she sits by her dish every morning and evening (…)”
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Letter #1578
“Thank you for your product, my pets really enjoy Freshpet Select.”
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Letter #1100
“ I tried this food and my babies love it! I won't feed my babies anything else! I drive a total of 80 miles round trip for this food! Wish we could get someone in the zip code area 31036!!!! ”
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