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My Chihuahua is almost 9 years old, she was always fed commercial brands like Pedigree or Purina. At the time, so caught up in our own lives, we didn't even think twice at looking at the ingredients. When she started to lose the fur around her neck, and show such disinterest in her food that she'd toss it in her water bowl, warning signals went off in our heads. However, it wasn't until an unknown neurological problem struck her one night. We took her to the vet. She was ill, wouldn't eat. We never found out the true issue, but while at the vet we discovered how low her electrolytes were and some vitamin deficiencies in her blood. She was "out of it" for nearly a week, we couldn't afford to heal her externally. So we decided to heal her internally, with FreshPet. Unlike any dog food she's had before, Chocolate didn't bother playing with your food. She got right into eating it! We noticed as time progressed, her fur was shining again, and starting to grow back in places she hadn't had fur in years. Her blood results came back perfect! Besides the love we showed her, I think your food gave my dog the healing process years of corn meal & by-product nearly ruined. She & I both thank you. You helped bring our dog back.