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Henri’s Story

Dear FreshPet, We are so thankful for your food! Our small French bulldog puppy, Henri, has had a sensitive stomach since he was 5 months old. We had tried all other brands of dog food, all types, and even tried making food for him using homemade recipes. No matter what food we switched him to, he was still runny and would get ill. Although Frenchies are known to be sensitive, these reactions were hard to accept for an otherwise very healthy puppy. Nothing seemed to work and sometimes he would just not eat at all and was a hungry little pooch. I was worried about him not getting enough nutrition, especially during his formative puppy months. We saw a review for FreshPets and decided to give it a try. Not only did he love it at first bite, he continues to enjoy it and I am no longer worried about Henri not eating enough. He looks forward to his meal times three times a day and is no longer runny! I don't have to be sad watching him go to the bathroom in pain anymore either and he goes like the healthy dog he is. I had no idea that his food could have such a huge affect on everything. Yummy and healthy FreshPets has transformed Henri's days and for that we are so thankful. Thank you for your amazing pet foods! Charlotte

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