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Lenny’s Story

Dear Freshpet, My name is Lenny. I live in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. I really like Freshpet Vital and Select beef flavour food. I would eat the whole package if they would leave it out. I like to be called Lenny but Leonard, little red dog and buddy is ok. I was born in 2008 so I am 8 years old. My dad was a Pomeranian, or was it my mom? Oh well, one of them was that and a Spaniel also. So I am a mix breed. My fur is soft and wavy and red-orange color. I have a full King Charles Spaniel tail and a beautiful white bib. When I was a puppy I was active and I squirmed when people held me. Then one day someone dropped me down the stairs. I am sure it was an accident. I broke my pelvis in many pieces. It hurt so much. The vet looked after me very well with a metal plate and several screws. I slowly got better. I lived my life in a condo. I didn’t get out much. I didn’t meet many other dogs. My parents were getting very old. One day my dad had a stroke. He needed a lot of extra care. My mom simply could not look after me. She took me to a place called the SPCA. She was crying and upset when she left me. I told her it would be ok. I wanted to brush against her and lick her hand but I couldn’t get out of my new cage. I was so sad to see her go. The people at the SPCA treated me very well. I really liked my caretaker. I had fresh water and dry food. A nice lady took me for a walk every couple of sleeps. Some of the other dogs were scary. Some were very big and they barked at night. Some dogs left and never came back. I don’t know where they went. The floor was cold and hurt my feet. I was there for a lot of sleeps (6 weeks). I didn’t have a bath for many days. It was ok. I was sure this was my new home. When strange people visited I would bark and growl and get excited for attention. No one looked at me very much. Then one day a man came in. He looked right at me and he pointed at me. I sat as handsome as I could. Then the helper opened my cage. I tried so hard not to get to excited. I sat very still with my head down while this person touched me and spoke to me. It felt so good to get a rub and pat on my head. Then he left. I was sad to see him go. Another noisy night went by. I woke up and got a nice bowl of cool water and some fresh dry food. Soon the door opened. I wanted to bark and get excited. The same man came in with a very nice lady. They both came in my cage and touched me and talked real nice to me. I shivered. I again tried so very hard to be a good boy. They spent a long time with me. I was so happy. Then they had to go. I slept good that night. The very next day the same old door opened. I walked over to the cage door and sat still. I looked up and then the same man and lady had come to see me again! They were talking to the caretaker and getting a collar and a leash ready. The cage door opened and the man said, “Come on Buddy let’s go home.” They put the collar and leash on me and walked me out of the cage. I was so scared I nearly peed myself. Out in the hallway the man had to sign some papers. The lady held the leash. Then we went out into the daylight. They put me in a small car. They talked to me the whole time. They told me I was going home and that it was going to be ok. Soon we were at a big house. The man took me around to every room. I looked in every door. I couldn’t help but think how soft the carpet was on my feet. He showed me where a kennel was so I could feel safe. He showed me the back door and took me out to a backyard with a garden and grass and trees! He told me to be careful and not pee inside. The grass felt nice and was cool on my feet. I was very happy. He showed me my water bowl. I was getting really hungry. I just couldn’t eat the first day. I was just too nervous. Then after two sleeps I couldn’t wait any longer. I had a medium sized bowl of beef flavour fresh food. It was really good and I licked my lips after that fresh dog food. At night I had a brand new dog pillow to sleep on. It was so soft and comfy. The next day I went for a walk. We didn’t go very far. I was very scared. I saw new places, people, a couple new dogs that I barked at and a bus. That bus was scary. I never saw a bus before. My new person consoled me, petted me and told me it was ok. Soon I got used to buses. After many sleeps I was getting to recognise my new people and all of the things they did. My dog mom works part time and my dad and I go with her. She stays at the big store and then my dog dad and I walk home. I get so excited when my dog mom is getting ready for work because I get to go on that long walk. Sometimes we get to walk to her store to greet her. That is exciting also. I like to watch the people inside those big windows. One evening my new dad took me to dog school. There were many dogs and people there. I learned to leave it, sit, stay wait, go and heel. I got a treat every time I did it correct. My new people didn’t like me barking and growling at people and new dogs. They helped me to control this bad habit. I am doing so much better and didn’t growl or bark very much at school. We practised the new words everyday. Then one day my people took me to a new school called social school. It was very hard for me there at first. There were so many dogs just running and smelling but I did my best. I learned to control myself and stop barking every time I saw a new dog. I even have a girlfriend. Her name is Piper. She is a pom-spaniel mix also. We visit once in awhile at her house and she visits me once in awhile. The people that look after Piper have some small people (grandkids) that come to visit also. My dog parents really love these little people so I have to be very gentle around these little people. I have been at my new house for many sleeps now (18 months). My new people look after me very well. I have been to the vet for a check up. The vet said I am healthy and to keep feeding him that good fresh food. My parents brush my teeth. They brush my fur. I get a bath once in awhile. I have lots of energy for my age. I am so happy. They even barbequed my Freshpet Select dog food (beef flavour) one day! They laughed with me when I gobbled down my supper. I don’t know whatever spoiled little red dog means. Life is good I think I will stay here. Regards, Lenny

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