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Biscuit AKA Smooshy Face’s Story

Dear Freshpet, Our beloved shih-tzu, Biscuit, was born with a pristine white coat, and of course a smooshy face. As he grew older his smooshy face remained, but we noticed his coat began to turn an orangey brownish color, he had frequent ear infections, scratched himself constantly, and began to smell like corn chips! Our poor Biscuit was miserable! After many trips to the vet to treat his ears, and buying several different premium dog food brands, we had almost given up on ever seeing his original white coat, and assumed he would continue to sport his Donald Trump colored coat forever. Sigh..... Then, one day I ran across Freshpet food at my local grocery store and thought we could give it a try. When I got home I fed him and he devoured it. It only took a week for us to see a big difference in his coat. Not only did it return to it's original color, it became shiny and appeared very healthy. The patches where he had scratched himself began to heal, his ear infections cleared up over the next month, and his corn chip smell went away!! Hooray!! He became a much happier, healthier dog thanks to Freshpet. Needless to say, we will continue feeding our Biscuit (AKA smooshy face) this food for years to come!

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