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Belle Pepper’s Story

When I first found Belle she was 4 weeks old and living off of adult dry dog food. We soon learned she had not been digesting this food at all and didn't even know how to drink water. She had been abandoned by her mother and had not been given the basics of food and water. We had to teach her how to drink water with a dropper and had to feed her puppy milk and baby cereal the first few weeks we had her. Belle was my first real pet, and wanting to be the best mom I could be I was always obsessed with her nutrition. especially after she had been starved as a puppy. I didn't believe in the traditional dog foods as I felt they lacked real ingredients and contained mostly fillers. For most of her life I have made her food, daily cooking rice, meat, and vegetables and she happily ate away. However, I was concerned that she may not be getting all of the vitamins and nutrients she needed from my homemade meals. When I found Freshpet I was thrilled. Not only was the first few ingredients things I would cook her daily, but it contained a load of vitamins. I now don't have to worry about not giving her the right nutrients and I know she is getting quality food. Belle went from a starving puppy, to dealing with my attempts at good nutrition, to now being able to get complete meals with the reassurance that she is getting everything she needs. Belle is healthy, happy, and the adores Freshpet. The first thing she does every morning when we get up is yelp to remind me that it is time for her morning slice of Freshpet. She has always loved food, but she now can hardly wait for her meals. Please never go anywhere, we both love this company dearly.

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