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Letter #2330

Hello there; this is a story about how you saved my cat's life. We adopted her from a shelter three years ago. After four months, she started loosing weight. Every time I would feed her, she would run to her bowl but still kept loosing weight. This continued on for about two and a half years. Things were not looking good and we took her to the vet multiple times. They took blood work, x rays, etc and could not find any reason for the unhealthy state. I could feel every bone in her spine and ribs. She was having episodes were she would drool and could not stand or walk; she was near death. I tried giving her different foods but nothing helped. Then one day while we were out of town, the neighbor (who is a vet) came by to feed the cats and she brought over the food she feeds her own cats, Freshpet Select. My sickly cat responded to it. I then bought a bag of Freshpet and begin feeding it. My cat slowly got her strength back, gaining about three pounds in the last six weeks. She no longer drools and runs around the house. Best of all, she sleeps in the bed with me every night knowing this is not going to be her last. She is alive today because of Freshpet chicken with carrots and spinach. Thank you and I love you!!!! MEOW =)

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