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Letter #2320

I am writing to tell you how much I love your dog food. A week and a half ago, my husband and I rescued a very tiny two year old shi tzu and chihuahua mix. When we brought her home we were horrified at how skinny she was. She literally felt like a bag of bones covered in fur. Her tender skin was SO dry and flaky. I carried her around in a receiving blanket because I was so worried I may harm her if I handled her with my bare hands. Her stools were hard as a rock, and she had difficulty passing her stool. I had never used your product before, but I was hoping that your Freshpet Select dog food would help our little rescue "Nena" put on some much needed extra weight. Within 3 days we started to notice a difference. Nena was able to pass her stool without any difficulty, we felt her tiny fragile frame beginning to fill out. Ten days later, Nena no longer feels frail, she is so energetic, and the dry flaky skin is gone. Kudos to your company for saving our little Nena. I will be sure to share our success with your product, with our fellow rescue parents, as well as family and friends.--Your's Truly, One Very Happy Customer.

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