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Letter #2308

One day I decided to read the ingredient listing on the bag of IAMS I was buying for my aunt and uncle's cats. I was mortified to find that there were loads of corn in the product; cats are pure carnivores, and naturally they would never end up eating any amount of carbohydrate, while the food they'd been eating their entire lives was mostly corn. Outraged, I called up the manufacturer and demanded an answer, to which they replied that their food was formulated according to their "research" to provide pets with "consistent energy levels throughout the day". How disgusting. Searching for an alternative, I was lucky enough to find one in the small refrigerator situated in the very same aisle of the grocery store: Freshpet Select. My aunt and uncle seemed willing to incur the additional expense, so we've been feeding the cats your product for about a month now. The improvement in the health of our cats is nothing short of miraculous. Badger, the one-year-old, used to spend all night dashing around the house as if in a mad panic, was anxious and hand-shy, and had been steadily becoming overweight. Kizzle, who's about twelve years old, was very underweight, lethargic even by cat standards, and barely even able to meow. After a month of consuming your product, all of these maladies have vanished. Badger is now calm yet energetic, and is slowly but surely becoming affectionate. He's also lost almost all of the excess weight. Perhaps most striking of all, Kizzle's voice has suddenly returned. Instead of sleeping all day, she follows me around the house, dashing up the stairs like a bullet. Her coat is no longer patchy and dull, but thick, lustrous, and as soft as plush. Badger's coat was already quite luxurious, but now noticeably more so than it ever had been. Both cats are now as happy as can be and more spirited than any cats I have ever known, and as far as I can tell it's entirely thanks to your product. I sincerely hope that more pet owners wake up and decide that their pets deserve to be healthy just as much as they do.

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