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Letter #2290

We have a 21 year old cat, Wiley, who has a host of "old age" problems. He had prescription food, but would not eat it because he didn't like the taste. We gave him canned wet food, which he loved, but it wreaked havoc with his system and he would get horrible diarrhea. We saw Freshpet in the store and figured it could be a treat or a meal. We were hesitant to change his food for fear of more stomach distress, but were hoping the higher protein content might be a better option for him. He had NO stomach distress. He LOVES the food. He is recovering from his chronic diarrhea and we are all so much happier. Thank you *SO MUCH* for offering such a high quality and delicious cat food that has made such a wonderful difference in our Wiley's life. His quality of life has increased and we are thrilled to have a food that he loves and helps his system. I can't rave enough about how happy we are to have found your product!

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