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Letter #2286

I have a 15 year old Yorkshire Terrier whose health has declined over the last year and a half. Last year, other than the usual age-related issues, Toby started getting eye infections and would scratch at his skin constantly. This did not get better with medication or when he wore a cone to discourage scratching. His coat was really coarse and he had to be bathed every week or every other week because he generally smelled. Also, he was eating less and less dogfood, including Beneful, Kibbles and Bits, and Purina little bites. I was at Target and saw an employee stocking the Freshpet Select Food in their special refrigerator area. I asked the employee if he knew anything about the petfood (I read the ingredients) and he told me that he couldn't keep it on the shelf, that it was very popular. So, I started feeding Toby Freshpet Select daily, supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables, which he loves. After three months eating Freshpet Select, we noticed that Toby's coat was very soft and healthy looking and we didn't have to bathe him so frequently. In addition, his eyes which had been a problem for almost 4-5 months, cleared up on their own. He is still 15 years old and does have some issues walking because of his joints, but I truly believe that if I kept him on the other dogfoods he had been on all his life, that he would not be alive today. I believe that Freshpet Select is less processed and full of a lot of good food which has helped him feel better, inside and out. I have been telling friends and associates when I talk about the health of my dog about how wonderful I think your dogfood is. We really appreciate what this has done to improve his health. Thank you so much.

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