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Letter #2267

Our 8 year old Doberman, Hershey, was on death's door. A tumor on his spleen ruptured and he was bleeding internally. After emergency surgery, the pathology report came back positive for hemangiosarcoma, a terminal cancer of the blood (a silent killer that is most prevalent in Dobies, Shepherds and labs). We were in shock when the vet told us we could expect a range of 18 to 72 days of life. So, this is where Vital comes in. We decided that if we were only going to have Hershey for a short time we wanted it to be good time. We found Vital at Petco and decided to add it to his diet as a special treat. Honestly it is expensive compared to his normal food (and after several thousand dollars for surgery and care, we have to watch our budget), but we figured we would only buy a few rolls before he passed away. Well, I have lost count of how many rolls we have purchased. We are at 126 days and counting. Hershey's coat is beautiful, his weight is great, and he insists on walks every day! He begs for Vital to be added to his food. He literally goes to the refrigerator and waits for us to get the Vital out to mix with his dry food. I can't guarantee that Vital is the difference and we also believe in the power of prayer, but we feel blessed that we are able to give him a high quality special treat!! Thanks and blessings.

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