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Letter #2242

Freshpet select has saved my cats life. I took in my cat as a stray 16 years ago. A year ago, he started dropping weight and was losing muscle mass. He was so weak that I thought I would have to put him down to end his suffering. Someone suggested that I try feeding him Freshpet select and although I didn't feel it would make much difference I thought I would at least feel better about what I was offering him to eat. I felt I was giving him something a little better tasting and possibly healthier at the same time. I can't believe the difference in Ross today! He has been eating only Freshpet select for the last six months and he looks and acts five years younger. When I look at Ross today I feel so guilty that I even thought of putting him down!!!! I truly believe your product restored his health and extended his life as well as returning quality of life to him. Thank You so much!

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