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Letter #2241

My dog Lola loves your product. Every morning and evening when it's meal time and I take the tube out of the fridge and she literally jumps for joy. Her reaction is drastically different when I pour a bowl of dry food for her. When my husband and I rescued Lola from the pound, she was a skinny puppy, with her spine and hip bones sticking out. She has now been with us almost one year. She has gained 50% of her body weight, from 10 pounds to 15 pounds, and at her ideal weight according to our veterinarian. She is very healthy and full of energy. We had looked into various pet food comparison charts and Freshpet repeatedly scored 5/5 stars or A+ for nutrition and quality. We pay a little more each month than if we just bought a cheap kibble to feed her instead. But we like to think that we are saving ourselves money in the long run with the lack of vet bills for health problems caused by pour diet. Besides, only the best for our Lola!

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