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Letter #2226

Freshpet Select food saved my beloved Yellow Labrador's life. I've been feeding him Freshpet Select for over four years and the health benefits have been remarkable. For a year during that time, I switched his food back to dry kibble, a food product he grew up on, due to certain circumstances in my life. He was also getting people food, which I no longer do. After I got a comment from a friend saying that my labrador was way overweight and breathing too heavily (at 102 lbs), I decided it was time to put him back on Freshpet. His weight is now steady and manageable at a proper 65 pounds. He is so much healthier, happier and full of life, loving every day. I also mix in warmed up frozen veggies such as peas, chopped broccoli, cauliflower or brussels sprouts. At times I will also mix in some fresh fruit. Needless to say, my labrador simply cannot wait for each meal as he's truly in heaven when he eats. Freshpet is truly a remarkable fresh pet food product that provides essential nutrition that makes my labrador hungry for more. I'll never feed him anything else again. We buy the 6 pound chicken or beef, both flavors he absolutely loves. I truly cannot imagine what his life would be without your food. Because of Freshpet, my labrador will live a longer, healthier life and for that I am truly grateful.

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