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Letter #2221

Your food saved our old man. We have a pom/chi named Scooter who was raised on Blue Buffalo. Scooter began to loos his teeth a couple of years ago. During that time he found it hard for him to eat hard food andsSo we began to give him soft food. We thought that the transition would be easy, but it was not. He began to get very picky with his food. He would vomit, and then stop eating for a day or two. He began to loose weight. The Vet told us to try everything. He turned 13 and we thought we would loose him. Almost a year ago, my daughter brought home your tube food, Vital chicken and beef mix. We tried it and he loved it. Scooter began gaining weight, stopped vomiting and got his spunk back. He is blind and going deaf, but he is our little boy. All our animals eat the best food. We have a 11 year old Catahoula pit mix named Jade, and a chiwinnie named Honey that we saved last year off the street. I just wanted to thank you for your food. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you all.

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