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Letter #2215

I wanted to take the time to thank you for such a wonderful product. Since April of this year my greyhound Blue was experiencing chronic diarrhea, losing a lot of weight and seemed less then interested in food anymore. After spending thousands, yes thousands of dollars on multiple doctors, medications and prescription foods with no luck I was feeling defeated last week as he seemed like he to was giving up. In a few short months Blue went from being a healthy 74 pound dog to a frail 50 pounds. The multiple doctors I had taken him to were scratching their heads and pulling straws at treatments. The only answer I had gotten was that he had a sensitive stomach. I've counted 15 different sensitive stomach foods and finally a prescription food that was $3.50 a can and 70 dollars for a bag of dry, that he would take a bite and turn his nose to.During the past two weeks Blue began to become very weak and I felt he may have been suffering. This past weekend it breaks my heart to say this, I told my family that I was gonna have Blue euthanized during the week as I felt he was suffering. During my many trips to Petsmart for different food (the staff knows me by first name now) I remember seeing refrigerated food and decided to go purchase some and give it a try. I purchased a roll of the Vital Bison and headed home thinking that this was gonna be another let down. I got home and cut a section out and put it into Blues bowl. I called him over and when I put it down he ate the whole dish and even licked the bowl clean. I was in complete shock and even had tears of joy as I had not seen him eat a whole meal since April. I have been feeding your product since Saturday night and have seen Blue do a complete turn around. He no longer has diarrhea, his energy levels are back to normal and he is ALWAYS excited to eat and finish his meals. Now all we are waiting on is to see if he will put weight back on, which I am 100% confident he will. WOW, i honestly cannot get over how much your product has helped blue and I really in my heart believe it has saved his life. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

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