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Letter #2210

Hi, I am the proud owner of 5 small dogs. (1. A Pugrussell, now 12; 2. A Rat Terrier, now 11; 3. A White Tibetan Spaniel, now 13; A Fourche Terrier, now 4; and 5;A Chipom, now 4.) I recently learned that my Rat terrier has allergies. ( she chews on her back feet )I knew she got yeast infections in her ears, but I didn't know the two were connected. What really got me to notice something was wrong was when my male Fourche Terrier started chewing off all the hair on his back end. I took him to the vet! No mention of allergies this time, it had to do with the fleas. They put him on Meds. I thought he was getting better when I started to wonder about their dog food. Was it possible there was something in the food? I did some checking and to my surprise, a lot of foods not only have gluten in them but also yeast( brewers dried yeast). Well I started looking around and found your food. My dogs LOVE IT!!! My Tibetan has never followed me thru the house at feeding time and at her age, that's a sight to see. Thank you for making a great dog food that make my dogs dance at feeding time.

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