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Letter #2207

I just wanted to say thank you for making a wholesome meal for my beloved cat Berklee. A few months ago my cat decided to stop eating her food. She started to lose weight and she became so tired barely moved off from the bed. I went through everything from giver her wet food, making chicken, baby food with pedialite. This all worked for a day or two but then she would stop eating again. I saw your cooler in the pet section and thought what the heck I am going to try this. Oh my goodness, all I did was open the package and she came waling out of the room and meowed for the first time in weeks. She has been on your food for a month and now she is eating more and more. I have to actually sneak into the fridge so she doesn't think I am feeding her again. She has started meowing and jumping up on things again. I just want to say Thank you for making good wholesome food for my one and only Berklee.

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