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Letter #2169

We have a very old dog (we've had 16 wonderful years with him). He underwent surgery on his pancreas a few months ago. He was limited to a very restricted diet and we were unsure if he'd even make it through. He did recover fully, but his diet changes affected his food preference. For months we fed him everything from ground beef to turkey sandwiches, and many wet and dry dog food in between. He wasn't interested in the foods we presented for long and then we had to change his diet again; he wasn't gaining weight. We stumbled upon Freshpet Select a month ago, and he hasn't wanted anything else since! He loves your product! We stock up on it frequently and he has filled out to his normal weight again. Thank you for making a quality (and affordable) product like this. Our picky pup adores his daily meals and licks the bowl clean every time!

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