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Letter #2048

We bought a German Shepherd puppy at 7 weeks old. After three days at home, he threw up post eating Puppy Chow. He was having trouble breathing, so I rushed him to the vet. They put an oxygen mask on him and took xrays of his throat. He was suffocating. We were told right away he had "Megaesophagus" and that we needed to put him to sleep! In Horror, I said "No!" We held him in our lap for hours, till his gums were no longer blue. We researched and learned everything we could about his condition,. My husband even built him a bailey chair. Because he had to eat his food upright, standing on his hind legs. Dry food was NOT an option, as he would suffocate. For three years I have been cooking and experimenting with chicken, hamburger, kale, oatmeal, brown rice, eggs, and whatever else I could do. It was very expensive. This dog eats better than we do, but he is the love of our lives. I finally found Freshpet at a reasonable price at Walmart. He loves it, and so far so good.

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