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Letter #2012

Our oldest kitty, Baby Girl, was very much a Fancy Feast kinda kitty. She would only eat certain flavors, beef or some fish. It was always a guessing game on which flavor she wanted. In October she got a cold and lost half her weight. At the same time we adopted a stray kitten, Tokyo Zilla, who started having very bad diaerha. We consulted with a team member at Petco and she recomended a high protein diet for both our babies. Well, 2 months later, Baby Girl has gained weight, has more energy, she is more interactive, and Tokyo has taken to the Freshpet also. Thankfully we do not have to spend half our grocery time trying to guess which flavor to get. Baby Girl and Tokyo love the chicken and beef flavor. Thank you for creating this wholesome product for our babies.

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Chloe’s Story
“My cat loves Freshpet Select Chicken. Actually she loves all Freshpet products. As soon as the bowl hits the floor she runs in and eats it's content with gusto. Cleaning her bowl is's been licked clean! Thanks for make such a (…)”
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Letter #1156
“I have the pickiest eater in the world! I have tried every combination that I could think of, wet, dry, and everything in between, including going as far as making chicken and rice for my little now 5 pound (thanks to you) (…)”
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Letter #2293
“I have started feeding my pets your freshpet food in the fridge for over 7 months. My 14 year old dog's health has improved so much that no one can believe his age. He used to sleep and do nothing and get (…)”
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Letter #1202
“Your food is the only one my dog will now eat. Before I knew about Freshpet, my dog was eating a name brand dry food and never had a problem. Then all of a sudden, he wouldn't eat it anymore. We tried (…)”
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Letter #2097
“We feed Freshpet and Vital to our dog that has lip cancer. Your good food, plus her medication, has been what has helped her to be with us nearly a year longer. ”
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