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Letter #1974

I am so happy with your dog food. It is healthy and my chocolate labrador loves it. We used to have lots of problems with his stomach; he was throwing up and had loose bowels after eating his canned food. When I would put the other products in his bowl he would give me the "You have got to be kidding" look and then would walk off and wouldn't eat whatever I put in there, except people food. Now, with Freshpet, he comes and licks his lips to tell me it is time to eat and never hesitates when I feed him. He has never left a bit in his bowl. He is happier, healthier and in my interpretation, seems to smile when he finishes the food. Then he rubs his nose on the carpet in appreciation of a good meal. Like most people, their dogs are so precious and will do whatever it takes to keep them as long as we can in a healthy body. Thank you so much for making this product. Every time I go to pay for it I am always asking customers in the same line if they have used it and even the cashiers. They certainly appreciate the advice and testimony of the product. Thank you again and again.

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Letter #2331
“I have two small dogs and one of them has an allergy. This is the only food that has taken away the sores on his little body and the itching has stopped. Thank you so much for this product. (…)”
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Jingjo’s Story
“Freshpet is a luxury I never thought I would have when I first adopted my dog. She wandered up to me in Thailand and collapsed at my feet from severe malnutrition. Two more days and she'd have died. Over the next few (…)”
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Letter #1934
“Thank You! Thank you! My baby is so picky about food. I have tried just about every brand of dogfood. I've been eyeing your refrigerated dog food at Kroger. I finally decided, I don't care if the small bag cost almost (…)”
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Letter #1172
“My yep dogs enjoy Freshpet Turkey. It is all they will eat. ”
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Letter #1596
“My sister told me to try this product for my dog. I hesitated to so she gave me some of hers that she gives her dog and OH MY GOD my little dog just loved it. Now I have all this old (…)”
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Letter #1782
“We love the rolls. We switched from the Bites. ”
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