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Letter #1962

As a nutritionally based private chef, I've always prepared roasted chicken, brown rice and cooked carrots for my now 15 year old Yorkie Bren and my previous dog and cats. I have never trusted any canned foods due to preservatives and other additives. All of my pets lived remarkably long and healthy lives. As my teacup Yorkie ages he's become a little more finicky about eating, which causes concern in an under 6 lb dog. I have needed to roast bone in chicken breasts every 3 days and even then he sometimes eats very little. Last week I found Freshpet select in a local Target and bought two to try. Wow! After telling him it was pate, this dog has been thrilled with your products. He's been eating like a champ and really loves it! Thanks so much for your fine pet food that make both of us happy! It's so much easier all around and he doesn't have any digestive issues. We are very pleased!

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Letter #1238
“This particular product rocks! I've tried it as training treats with my own dogs, clients dogs and highly recommend it! Thank you for offering something that is healthy, great ingredients and all dogs love it! ”
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Letter #1606
“Thank you for helping my 13 yr old dachshund.”
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Fuzz’s Story
“My little guy loves this food. He was so finicky before I found this. I went nuts looking for something he would eat on a regular basis. NO MORE! The search is over. He jumps all over when I go to the (…)”
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Letter #2089
“Our two labradors used to eat can/dry food until we found their stools to be slimy due to diahhrea . One day while shopping at BJ's my husband decided he was going to try your product. What a (…)”
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Letter #1148
“We love your product for our rescue dog who was abused. We got him year and a half ago and has always been a fussy eater. He doesn't like chewing foods that are hard, he prefers soft foods. We just opened (…)”
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Big Lou, Dixie, Chloe, Daisy’s Story
“I was introduced to Freshpet via a fellow rescue person. I was a staunch Wellness Core advocate and still am. I order via Chewy's for the dry food, I ran out and am waiting for the next shipment. So I went ahead (…)”
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