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Letter #1956

Thank You for making one of the best dog foods on the market. I have been buying Select for one of my four dogs who has allergies to many things and it worked so well for her. After her success, I purchased Deli Fresh for my others to mix with their dry food. They are fanatics about this food. I have never seen them so excited over their meals. When I looked up FreshPet on the Dog Food Advisory website I found that all are rated tops with each earning 5 stars and are enthusiastically recommended. To me this is wonderful, especially since I can get Deli Fresh at my local grocery store. Thanks for making terrific food that I feel good giving my dogs and making such a wide variety for those that require a special diet. Great Job!

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“My two dogs gobble up Freshpet Select. It's better than the product I used to buy at Whole Foods.”
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“My dog loves this stuff. I've never seen him so excited for dinner. ”
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Letter #2183
“I bought this on the recommendation of a clerk at Petco and probably only out of curiosity and his confirmation that if my Zorro didn't like it, I could return it for my money back. Zorro is a 4 lb (…)”
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