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Letter #1927

My very fussy cat just loves your food! She has always been fussy, I would put a bowl of dry, bagged food out and she would just nibble on and off all day. Things had gotten worse when she had some of her teeth removed and she could no longer chew the dry and hated wet canned food. I have tried every canned food out there within a few months. She was losing weight and looking bad. I was at the store looking for a new food to try and walked past the refridgerated section in the pet food aisle and saw Freshpet. I had seen this before but did not realize that there was cat food also! Well I decided to buy thinking that I was just going to wind up throwing the bag away but she loved it! I feed her a couple of times a day and she gobbles up each bowl! We are on our third bag of Freshpet and she has gained weight and looks great! Thanks!

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“Good Job! Jake just loves Freshpet!”
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Appreciate your company providing the healthy way to go with our pets.
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“Since using Freshpet my dog has not had a single seizure. ”
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“I am happy to feed my picky dog Freshpet Select. It is a great food. ”
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“Hello I'm a new customer and I am very excited”
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