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Letter #1880

My husband and I have been in a constant quest to find the right food for our family of 3 miniature Schanuzers, ages from 7 months to 12 years. Precious (the 8 year old) is finicky, and we've gone through just about every brand of canned food at PetSmart. About 6 weeks back we saw the fridge display for your food and figured we'd give it a try, we've tossed out so much money in wasted dog food, a few more bucks isn't going to bother us. TO OUR DELIGHT, they gobbled this down. Even Precious stood right there till the plate was clean. Tinker Bell (age 12) thought this was the best thing ever, and now starts in daily about an hour before dinnertime, just so we don't forget. Even little Pipsqueak (age 7 mo) loves it, and her full little tummy lets out a belch after every meal. Since we keep dry food down all of the time, we feed them each 1/4# at dinnertime. I am so thankful that all of you there decided to create this product! It really smells yummy, and of course I had to try a little piece. If I can't put it in my mouth, I'm certainly not going to feed it to my children. I can see why they love it. It's worth the extra trip to PetSmart to pick up their dinner if Woodman's (our grocery store) has run out. Please keep up the great work. Both Bob and I have been singing your praises. Bob & Tim M

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